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 Capricorn Sex, Life and all that’s in between.


1 000 Best & Worst Experiences With Capricorn Man And Woman. [5x PDF Books]

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Sex With a Capricorn Man

The Capricorns man can seem shy and conservative at first, but get to know him and you’ll discover a passionate and intense lover with a massive appetite for sex.

The goat is down-to-earth and doesn’t need anything exotic or fancy to get him going. He can be insecure at first and is unlikely to take the initiative until he feels comfortable.

That’s not to say he can’t be persuaded to experiment a little. Love and sex go together for the goat – once he feels secure in the relationship you’ll find he can be a surprising and creative lover.

Blow his mind: The goat likes to feel he is loved before he can really let himself go. Run him a bath and give him a slow sensual massage. Once he begins to relax, you’ll discover he’s a very horny goat indeed.

His favorite position: Expect him to take the missionary position – at least for the first few times you have sex. For a new twist, slide him into the Soft Rock.

Capricorn Compatibility

A Capricorn’s best partner is a Taurus, for the two are as alike in spirit as two signs can get. Both are strong willed, intelligent, ambitious and frighteningly reliable. This is one couple who won’t ever be caught late to a dinner or missing appointments. Faithfulness will rarely be an issue, especially on part of the Capricorn, who embodies loyalty. The relationship is likely to be career oriented, with both partners equally invested in the other’s ambitions as well as their own. There will be a strong respect for the other’s abilities, but there will also be a tendency to lock horns (what do you expect from the signs of the goat and the bull?) And when they dig their heels, throw the watch out the window, because they can last past the measure of time. Virgos, the other fellow Earth sign, is another suitable partner for the goat. Virgos tend to offer the passion that a Capricorn can at times lack, and in return the Virgo will appreciate the reliability of the Capricorn, which is an important requirement for a typical Virgo-born. The only drawback here is that the Capricorn, though not usually prone to jealousy, will still not appreciate the Virgo’s knack for letting their eyes wander. But since both signs are usually immaculately faithful, such arguments will end amicably. Capricorns make good partners for themselves, in most ways, for they are perfectly content giving each other space, respecting one another’s boundaries, and enjoy the depth of intellect and knowledge that they can share. Such relationships are enviably stable. But depending on the ascendants, there can be a lack of passion and emotion, particularly since both signs don’t express as openly as they feel, leading to a lack of communication.

Water signs are good matches for the Capricorn that needs a sensitive and emotional partner. Scorpios and Capricorns usually make great pairs, enjoying a camaraderie and depth of love that few couples achieve. But since both signs are powerful, and with Scorpio in particular being practically a fire sign, there will be strong ego clashes. The flamboyance and flair of the Scorpio can at times irritate the comparatively demure nature of the Capricorn, and when these two signs part ways, there will be no making up. Pisceans are very well suited to the Capricorn’s love of calmness in a partnership. A Piscean will generally be mild mannered, loving and deeply sensitive, playing a perfect partner to the quiet, loyal and thoughtful Capricorn. These relationships enjoy equanimity through their contrasting but complimentary natures. Cancerians make wonderful soul mates to the Capricorn. These two sings generally make great friends, for both crave loyalty first and foremost in a relationship and find this need met in each other. Capricorns have an eye for art and will make a good audience to the artistic Cancer, and be the supportive, stabilizing force that the crab desires. The Cancer in turn will provide the emotional, sensitive energy that the Capricorn needs to pursue their ambitions. If ever these relationships falter, it is because the at times free-spirited nature of the Cancerian won’t appease the oft hard-headed mentality of the Capricorn that desires order and rationality.

Sagittarians make strong partners for the Capricorn, as adjacent sun signs normally tend to. These couples make good friends and decent partners, owing to the fact that they are each independent personalities that won’t cling to each other. There is a level of trust and comfort that they embody upon each other, which will be awe-inspiring. But what stands in their way is an obvious lack of passion or emotion. Unless any water signs play a role as ascendants, this relationship will always lack a spark. When they speak on the phone or talk to one another in public, those around them will assume these two are friends or business partners, but not romantic partners. But nevertheless, a lot of couples can still make this work. Aries are very compatible with the Capricorn, for there is a mutual respect that is genuine and unforced. Aries provide the passion and emotion, while Capricorn lends the stability and practical voice necessary. If at all a problem arises, it will be because the Aries will find the goat a difficult partner to dominate, and there will invariably be a clash of wills that neither will win. Leos and Capricorns have a love-hate relationship that is unlikely to make for a long-lasting relationship. At times, these two signs get along great, but at others, there will be a strong clash of egos. Leos won’t appreciate the Capricorn’s tendency to undermine their power, while the goat in turn won’t care for the lion’s need for supremacy in what is supposed to be an equal partnership.

Air signs don’t generally make good partners for the Capricorn, but among them Aquarians gel best with the goat, mostly owing to their close proximity in the zodiac. Aquarians are spiritual and intelligent, which attracts the Capricorn that loves more with the mind than the heart. The Aquarian will generally dominate such relationships, but in a very passive, non-threatening way that won’t offend the Capricorn. This is likely to be a long-lasting relationship when it works, but when it doesn’t both partners will realize it early on. Libras tend to work well with most signs, and can make a relationship with Capricorn work. But problems will arise because of the volatile nature of the Libran, which will upset the Capricorn’s love for peace and quiet, and the Libran in turn will find their lack of effect on the Capricorn frustrating. Geminians make poor matches in general with the Capricorn, owing to the fact that the Gemini is just far too unpredictable for the practical Capricorn to deal with. Both signs are such polar opposites that a stable relationship is unlikely, unless positive ascendants play a helping hand.

Here are some of the visitor experiences from the book (with comments deleted).

Capricorn man Aries woman

I have an ex boyfriend who was a Capricorn man. I am an Aries woman. I can say that Capricorns are very nice. My ex thought me a lot of things; practicality, how to be an organized woman and how to slow down a little. It was great, but it was also like I am slowly loosing my flame.

At first, it was a very nice experience. He was happy with me, I teach him how to appreciate adventure and he liked it.

But what sucks in our relationship is that he was so controlling. At first I just let him knowing that in time he will learn to understand that I DO need my freedom and that I can do things all by myself. BUT HE JUST WONT LET ME.. 😦

We broke up because I know we can be better individual if we part our ways. But I was always thankful that I have met him. I don’t have any regrets. I have always admire Capricorn man. Its just that Aries are not the right girl for them and Aries cannot like with a Capricorn man.

Capricorn man Taurus woman

I am a Taurus girl two years older than my Capricorn guy. We are a perfect match for each other. Beside dealing with matters relating to finances we are sexually connected in the bedroom. We are a match made in heaven. I have found my true love and every day our relationship gets better and better. I am stubborn however my Capricorn lover helps me see the light of things and keeps me centered. He is truly a goat climbing the mountain so I respect is work ethic and recognize that in order for us to continue to be happy he needs to work hard to accomplish his goals. The reward is at the end of a long day I get to snuggle with my guy!

Capricorn man Gemini woman

Oh my God, this is the worst match ever!!! Im a Gem girl, my daughters dad is a Cap, and man oh man…. this was thee most horrible, intense, smothering, suffocating, ANNOYING relationship I have ever been in!!! I felt like he was always analyzing and dictating me! Some times I wondered if he didn’t work for the fukn C.I.A. given all the interrogation I had to go through. It only lasted 3 years, and Im so glad is over. I must admit though, the sex was the best I ever had 😉

Capricorn man Cancer woman

I am a 25 year old Cancer in love with a 35 year old cappy. He is extremely hard working, and at times appears cold. Which was hard to me but I gotten used to it and believe me it was worth it. But they are truly loyal, and if you’re patient you will be very happy!! he’s asked my to marry him after only four months with a Cartier engagement ring!! He treats me and my daughter like princesses. Caps value honesty. Always be a lady.. thats what they love!! I also have had to learn to be very submissive, as he is very demanding. You can either love them or hate them. And I love mine to death!! And the other girl was right these men have a way of making you feel secure!!

Capricorn man Leo woman

Well when my Capricorn boyfriend and I first met he was so aggressive and persistent that I was immediately turned off. But as they say persistence pays off. He has turned into a lover that inspires me to do better, never afraid to say what is on his mind, and one of the most loyal men I have ever been with. Even though he has to get the last word, I love it…always a challenge for the Leo.

Capricorn man Virgo woman

The key to dating a cap man is be an individual but let him know that he is the most important thing in your life. I am a Virgo woman with a cap man. Keep your head about you with this one. He is very independent and hardworking and appreciates being appreciated for it. I met mine thru a popular dating sight. From the first date, he stopped looking. Although I initiate most of the plans and calls (he is extremely busy) I don’t mind. I love to plan prepare and mobilize. He loves the ride. I do not need the validation of a man always calling. I go after what I want. he will call if I don’t though thinking that I am not interested (I am also extremely busy). Security is a must for these men and they will kill themselves working for it. Just kick back and enjoy and don’t get too needy. They are worth the effort girls.

Capricorn man Libra woman

I am a Libra female, I have been with my Capricorn man for over 4 years now, actually till be 5 years that we met in July of this year. O my gosh. Well anyway, it started off where I was just so intrigued by him, he was much different from what I was normally used to, I am extremely social, I have more guy friends than I know what to do with, I mean it….of course no new boyfriends will like this, of course I am also packed with grace and excellent debating skills, so he sees it and now he is proud, he thinks I am an elegant host. He loves that people admire me and surround me at parties. People do that to him too, he is so brilliant. The more that I love him, the more that I see, Astrology and the chemistry that makes it up, isn’t always accompanied by love. Love changes everything. You can be completely opposite signs and be completely in love, and its not good or bad, its whatever you want, and for Libras, that’s just insanity. because NOW, Mr. Gemini comes a long. While Im all innocent, loving on my cap man, pretty sure we will do everything together… does get a little boring, and so I was seeing this Gemini guy while me and my cap took a break…I would never take things inappropriately far unless I knew it wouldn’t hurt anyone, so this Gemini…we talk, we hang out, we laugh for hours….he is showing me things I forgot about. I am in a dilemma. What should I do? I cant treat my cap this way. I must be honest.

Capricorn man Scorpio woman

Capricorn guys are tough ones. Being a Scorpio I LOVE the challenge and it makes me want him even more. I know sometimes it’s really hard for Scorpio to relate because we are overflowing with emotion but if you wanna know he cares you have to look at the little stuff. The way they are attentive to you when you are sick. The way they worry about you when you are out late etc. Capricorn Men may not jump up on a stage and proclaim their love for you, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care they show it in a different way than we do. Give them there space let them realize how much they are about you. I know its hard but just be patient they can be really surprising!

Capricorn man Sagittarius woman

There a similarity in all the cap n sag story, guy likes the girl, only to find out she too likes him, they hook up, girl dumps the guy. I’m a cap guy, just got ditched by girlfriend of 5 years. I guess in 2 years of live-in relationship, like most of sags she started complaining for not getting enough space, that she needed more time to spend with friends as well, so listened to her, for all I wanted was to c her happy. again her complain started that we are a boring couple we don’t go out and all. here I would like to state that if sag girls wants us to love them for what they r,that should imply on them also in’t.sag girls are selfish mean ,not all, but most of them. man I love her so much, I love her to death. but is time to move on “u don’t die of broken heart u only wish u did”

Capricorn man Capricorn woman

I am a Capricorn women currently dating a Capricorn man for about a year now. At first he was the sweetest guy I have evr meet in my intire life He was protective and literally give me a lot of his time which I thought was great since thats what I needed from him. after high school I move to utah for about 2month and went back to him because I was missing him like crazy, I quit going to college and work just to be with him I came back we move in together later I know I was pregnant he was happy and all. since I ve been back he never take me out even before I found out I was pregnant he completely change its like we fighting over little thing especially when my ex a scopion want me back and he say he will do any thing to get me back we broke up over two years ago. my Capricorn guy take care of me financially but im not happy with him he hasnt been there for me even going to the doctor with me. I really want to break it off to go back with my scopion guy im just not s ure if I i want to take that chance leaving my baby daddy for that other guys.

Capricorn man Aquarius woman

I hooked up with my cappy guy at 13. almost 7 years later we are still sooo in love. but I have to say it is still very hard to figure him out. I love how mysterious he can be but it also makes it very hard to gauge his moods. and these men are moody! I think that’s the worst part cuz they can never let ANYTHING go. the only thing I don’t agree with on the sexual compatibility. we go VERY well together, but only if both parties are willing to let their guard down. I think cappys are just naturally skilled in that area!

Capricorn man Pisces woman

I’m a Pisces woman to a tee & I’m so in love with Capricorn men. My first love was a Capricorn but we broke off for professional reasons. Then I got with a Scorpio man. We broke off after a year because it seems he only wanted to use me for sex. Now I’m back with another Capricorn man and the sex world is…OH MY GOD! Much, much better in bed than my Scorpio ex could ever be. This Capricorn man rocks my Piscean world. He knows me –in & out of bed — the way no man ever could!

My advice to Pisces ladies: Be patient with Capricorn men. He will take his time to reveal his feelings (Earth signs are not as emotionally displaying as water signs). But when he finally reveals his heart to you, it will be like holding the most precious diamond in the world in your hands.

So, what’s inside?


Book 1 (42 Pages)

Capricorn Traits

  • Capricorn personal traits
  • Best Capricorn traits and characteristics
  • Worst Capricorn traits and characteristics
  • Capricorn people tend to like:
  • Capricorn people tend to dislike:
  • Where do these Capricorn traits come from?
  • Are the traits of every Capricorn the same?
  • Capricorn traits – nurture versus nature

Capricorn in love

Seducing Capricorn

What Visitors Have Said

Book 2 (160 Pages)

Capricorn Man personality traits and characteristics

What other visitors have said (Visitor experiences/stories with Capricorn man.(From Page 5))

Book 3 (96 Pages)

Capricorn Woman personality traits and characteristics

What other visitors have said (Visitor experience/stories with Capricorn woman. (From Page 5))

Book 4 (56 Pages)

Capricorn compatibility table

Common features of Capricorn relationships

Capricorn and Aries

Capricorn and Taurus

Capricorn and Gemini

Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn and Leo

Capricorn and Virgo

Capricorn and Libra

Capricorn and Scorpio

Capricorn and Sagittarius

Capricorn and Capricorn

Capricorn and Aquarian

Capricorn and Pisces

Book 5 (806 Pages)

Visitor comments, experiences, stories and questions

Capricorn Man – Relationships

Capricorn man Aries woman

Capricorn man Taurus woman

Capricorn man Gemini woman

Capricorn man Cancer woman

Capricorn man Leo woman

Capricorn man Virgo woman

Capricorn man Libra woman

Capricorn man Scorpio woman

Capricorn man Sagittarius woman

Capricorn man Capricorn woman

Capricorn man Aquarian woman

Capricorn man Pisces woman

Capricorn Woman – Relationships

Aries man Capricorn woman

Taurus man Capricorn woman

Gemini man Capricorn woman

Leo man Capricorn woman

Virgo man Capricorn woman

Libra man Capricorn woman

Scorpio man Capricorn woman

Sagittarius man Capricorn woman

Capricorn man Capricorn woman

Aquarian man Capricorn woman

Pisces man Capricorn woman


How to Seduce a Capricorn Man

He might be the guy who just landed the big promotion at your office. He might be the guy who just opened up a restaurant in town. Either way, you notice he is going places and all that ambition and energy has made you hungry for him. Your Capricorn male has drive and determination to get where he needs to go and succeed once he gets there. Can you keep up with him?

Capricorn males are patient. They measure success in logical increments that showcase their accomplishments. He is not afraid to work and is not afraid to take his time and make sure it is right. He is a practical man who is down to earth, a no fuss, no muss kind of guy. He is all business and rather direct. He wants what he wants and there is nothing to deter him from getting it, even you. If your ambitions do not match his, he will leave you behind.

All that seriousness can make seducing him difficult. You do indeed have your work cut out for you. You need to approach him like he approaches life, confident, calculating and determined. Capricorns are very private men; they separate and sometimes compartmentalize their lives. Business is business and home is home. No need for grand gestures and public displays of affection with them. Discrete and casual is the name of their game. Discretion helps a Capricorn feel comfortable and protected. They care deeply about their public image and desperately want to protect their feelings. Trust is a big issue with Capricorns; if they share their feelings with you then you are on your way.

Present your emotionally and psychologically stable side. You will not get your foot in the door unless you show them you are on even ground with them. When you flirt, make sure it is something only the two of you hear. Gaining your Capricorn’s interest behind closed doors is a way to insure he remains comfortable and open to your persuasions. When it is time to ask him out, pull him aside and with firm confidence ask. Don’t be surprised if he seems taken aback, they are work-aholics and often times singularly focused. He probably didn’t see you coming.

Once he has accepted your offer the date should be somewhere that is subtle and private yet slightly above your station. Slightly. You want him to see you have goals and ambitions. You want better for yourself and your future. Treat the date as somewhat of a job interview. What can you bring to the table, what can you two accomplish together. Do not over run the conversations with such direction but subtle statements that show you two are on the same page will be more than enough. Capricorn males respond better to knowing looks rather than outward public displays. Touch him causally from time to time if you would like but know that you will get further with smiling eyes.

He wants a mate who is in just as much control as he is. He wants someone with class and poise. If you cannot hold your liquor or control your temper, a Capricorn male may not be the one for you. None the less his conservative nature and sense of tradition may leave you a bit antsy. Do not be surprised when you get a simple kiss good night on your first date or even your fifth one. Do not be surprised that it may take you a while to actually get him into your bed. When it comes to their feelings they feel they have all the time in the world to build trust and adoration. Meanwhile you will have wonderfully romantic dates with a man who took the time to make it right.

Though it might take a while to get there, sex with a Capricorn is not what you think it will be. The seriousness and ambition takes a different turn between the sheets. Privately he is an incurable romantic and an adventurous lover. He is playful in bed and is determined to make sure it is a worthwhile experience. He has his own set of fantasies and won’t be afraid to share them. He might just one day surprise you by wanting you to come by his job for lunch. Though for lunch, he will be hungry for you spread out on his desk in his office. Your cool confident Capricorn man has a few kinks and a new meaning for a “power lunch”.

Remember though, for all the fun in bed and comfort you grow into, he does take his time to fully commit. One day though, your patience will pay off. One day, out of the blue, all their reservations will have simply vanished. Once the reservations are gone and once they confident in their trust in you, I suggest you hold on tight. All that drive and determination that attracted you to them in their professional life will aimed towards you. It may seem over night but you will wonder what happened to the guy you were dating days before. Do not worry though, better version is the one you get to keep.

Once you get to keep your Capricorn, he is yours. And yes, I did say get to keep. If you retained your discipline and continued to grow together in goals and success then you get him as your prize. He is a forever kind of guy once he finally commits so you will never have to worry. He will be the first one to want to work something out and find a solution to any problem together. Just like with everything else in his life, if you are willing to put forth the effort so is he. Continue to work hard and want to rise above your current lot in life. Continue to show him that you will stand with him as he achieves his dreams and he will do so for you. You both will have a lifetime of dreams to enjoy together.

I’m serious. Within a few short days of going through this books, it’s very likely that you will be…

Calling The Shots, Choosing The People You Truly  Want, Desire And, Even, Yes, RESPECT…And Enjoying The Love, Attention, Sexual Gratification And Moist Feminine Goodness You Deserve!

Listen to this Ladies: this doesn’t have to be a mere fantasy. It can and will be a reality for you, but that’s NOT the best news.

No, the best news is, using what you’ll learn in this book., you can and will respect yourself and the people you enjoy.

And you will do all of it intelligently, without confusion, without struggle and with a sense of ease that makes it feel like the whole world has opened up for you.

 “What’s The Investment?”

I Hear You Asking!

Look: I’ll skip the stupid marketing crap where I blather on about how I could easily get $300 for this books, how I charge 10zillion dollars for a private week with me, and the rest of the blah blah BS.

I’ll let the other guys in this field insult you.

I’ll simply say: after all the results I’ve seen people get from this experiences, and after truly realizing what solid gold I’m handing you on a fucking shiny platter…

I’d Love To Charge You Every Penny You Can Pay,
Because What’s In This Books Is So Proven,
Powerful And Good!

But realistically, looking it over, I think $5.00 is more than fair. Since this is all digital.

Does that seem high?

That means all of the confusion, all of the mysteries, all of the “what the fuck are they thinking here” will be gone.

You will not only be able to blust past your old limiting ideas, beliefs and emotions, heal past pain, easily meet people anywhere without having to worry what to say, get them hot and bothered with your energy, vibe, language and touch.

You will also gain profound insight into how people really work. The secret psychology that truly powers their inner world and therefore what they do in THE OUTER world with you.

That sure beats a poke in the eye…doesn’t it?

I’m betting you are an honorable woman/man. And that you see that when someone gives you tremendous value, he deserves tremendous value in return.

So the choice is yours.

You can continue to settle for “relationships by default” where someone is accidentally attracted to you, but really doesn’t live up to your standards or meet what you want and need.

You can continue to look at the partner you are with and keep trying to convince yourself he’s what you are looking for.

You can struggle to try to figure all of this out on your own.

Or you can let me take you by the hand, lead you out of the prison-house of frustration, hesitation, confusion and settling and into the land of moist, pink abundance.

The choice is really yours. Because in many ways, saying “no” to this isn’t saying no to me. It’s saying “no” to yourself.

And I wouldn’t even wish that on anyone.

So please: give yourself the gift of trusting me and trusting yourself. Just click the button below and claim your totally guaranteed books today. Then you can look back, smile that smile of satisfaction and think, “This was the best decision I’ve ever made”.


Peace and piece,


P.S. Remember: I’m standing behind this books, based on 13 years of my experience working with guys and ladies from every walk of life, every background, all over the world, what really works for personal transformation and crazy success with the opposite sex. I’ve got my reputation and my word on the line and I totally back up and believe in what I share, say and sell.


Zodiac vs Zombies: Capricorn

Whether it’s the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse or just merely recess at school, the best place to find a Capricorn is at the library. They will have their nose in some obscure book, reading up on the factual information about some random subject, or else researching a topic you or I couldn’t even spell. They are the wizards of knowledge, able to spew off a monologue of information on almost any topic you mention, and the best part is that their thirst for learning is never quenched. During a Zombie Apocalypse, keep your Capricorns in the lab or at your research center, decoding information, analyzing clues or else investigating cures or treatments for the infestation. Remember those Virgo moles you sent out? Have a Capricorn analyze and interpret the information. They have shrewd, tactical minds, which when combined with their depth of knowledge, allows them to make ideal decisions. They are quiet, perceptive people with generally high I.Qs and calm dispositions. Not a bad sort of person to have as part of your brain trust or think-tank, especially when lives are at stake.

Gentle folk though they are, if you’re looking for the ultimate weapon or kill-tool to launch against the Zombies, have a chat with your brainy Capricorn. They will combine the reports of all the spies and moles, take into account the depth of your supplies, and then device the best source of aggressive action, one that will cause maximum damage with minimum risk. Easier said than done, for you or me perhaps, but for the Cap? Piece of cake. They are born problem-solvers, adept at sizing up a situation and deciding on the best course of action. They are great with puzzles and a Rubik’s cube is a child’s play. They are the perfect candidates for mazes, particularly if there is strategy involved and the dependent on intelligence as opposed to dumb luck, in which case send a Sagi in. They are highly innovative people, who love to experiment and explore new avenues of thought. Aquarians are experimental too, but while their experiments are based on whims and eccentric ideas, Capricorns plan and plot their ways through any new idea or conception. As a result, a Capricorn strategy or invention or creation is reliably effective and result-oriented. Do you want to cure the Zombies or else destroy them? Whatever the answer, whisper it to the Capricorn, then step back and wait—they’ll make it happen.


7 thoughts on “Capricorn

  1. I am not a night owl, however, I am going to have to stop going to bed earlier than a senior citizen and start reading! This book is hilarious and crude (often disturbing!) but was very entertaining.
    Thanks to Ingrid, who passed it on to me…who received it from her friend Rachel….

  2. I read somewhere that only a Scorpio man can truly handle the adventurous Capricorn woman in bed. Only a Scorpio can match the endurance, enthusiasm, depth, & talent a Capricorn woman has. How intriguing! I’ve come close, but never truly met my match. A lady on the street, & a freak in the sheets is what I am, but have always intimidated former partners with everything that I want to experience. I have a Scorpio man that wants to be my lover, as he is already my friend, & we connect on every level. I will take him, & hope what I’ve read is true! More later, darlings!

  3. Yes, this book has me asking people, “What’s your sign?” It is definitely somewhat of a conversation piece. Smart and funny.

  4. My best friend had a copy and introduced the book to me by asking me to read about my sign. After that I was hooked. I have never read such an accurate depiction of the Lady Capricorn that I am. It was so refreshing. I could not stop reading it in that first sitting. I compared the narratives to what I know to be true about individuals in my inner circle and found it to be “Spot On”

  5. Although I’m not a firm believer in astrology, this book was SO TRUE. And not just for me (boring, selfish, pessimistic Capricorn), but for nearly everyone I know. Including my Scorpion boyfriend (and other Scorpion friends) who secretly seethe with jealousy and murderous rage, as well as my Aquarius mother who is always on a completely different page.

  6. As a person who has never taken astrology very seriously, and frankly isn’t interested in all the esoteric details, I found these books really useful because they get right to the point of what most of us go to astrology for: how compatible am I with another person.

  7. If you don’t believe in Astrology, you will by the end of reading this. You have an Ex. It will explain why it didn’t work out. It’ll make you wise up to how to deal with your current relationship. It’s that spot on. Give it a chance.

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